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Oxford House Hopeful Way-Oyarifa  
P.O. Box AN5547   Gender: M
Accra,   Total Occupancy: 14
233-0243558412 Charter: 8/1/2009
Oxford House Ashaiman  
Otape Street House No. G/60   Gender: M
Ashaiman,   Total Occupancy: 8
Charter: 3/15/2016
Oxford House Raglan House    
405 Raglan Street   Gender: M
Ballarat, Victoria, 3350   Total Occupancy: 5
(03) 5332-4060 Charter: 7/1/2001
Oxford House Willow House    
7 Willow Street   Gender: W
Box Hill, Melbourne, Victoria, 3128   Total Occupancy: 5
(03) 9890-4455 Charter: 7/1/2002
Oxford House Worrall House    
19 Wornall Street   Gender: M
Burwood, Melbourne, Victoria, 3125   Total Occupancy: 5
(03) 9808-5419 Charter: 10/1/1999
Oxford House Chadwell House    
5 Chadwell Grove   Gender: M
Chelsea, Melbourne, Victoria, 3196   Total Occupancy: 5
(03) 9773-8163 Charter: 9/1/2003
Oxford House Pantang  
PO Box AN5547   Gender: W
Greater Accra, Ghana,   Total Occupancy: 9
Charter: 2/1/2015
Oxford House Koo Tufoo  
House Number KC/42   Gender: M
Kukurantumi,   Total Occupancy: 10
233-242927644 Charter: 1/1/2014
Oxford House Apollo House    
508 Station Street, Box Hill   Gender: M
Melbourne, Victoria, 3128   Total Occupancy: 8
(03) 9898-4467 Charter: 3/1/1999
Oxford House Ashaiman Middle East    
Hse. No. H/44 No. 9 Jasmine St.   Gender: M
Middle East-Ashaiman,   Total Occupancy: 10
233 205 695903 Charter: 5/1/2018
Oxford House UK House    
14-24 Ainstable Road   Gender: M
Middlesbrough, TS79NJ   Total Occupancy: 6
447812075094 Charter: 7/1/2011

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